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Volt Meter

The Watford Control Standard Light Meter, part of the Rayleigh Instruments RI-F220 Series, is designed for DIN 72 panel mounting. It supports -/1A or -/5A current transformer input and is compatible with both single-phase and three-phase networks, adaptable to balanced or unbalanced load systems. The meter allows for programmable voltage and current transformer ratios, ensuring precise measurements using True RMS technology. Its high-definition white backlit LCD display offers clear visibility in all lighting conditions. The device is user-friendly, featuring simple programming and operation with quick select push-buttons for efficient navigation. Additionally, it provides pulse output and Modbus communication (Mbus available) for streamlined data transfer. The meter is available in two versions: one with a single pulse output and the other with a single pulse output and RS485 Modbus communication. Housed in a compact DIN 72 case, it's suitable for easy panel mounting.


  • DIN 72 panel mounting
  • Supports -/1A or -/5A current transformer input
  • Compatible with single-phase or three-phase networks
  • Programmable voltage and current transformer ratio
  • Utilizes True RMS measurement technology
  • High-definition white backlit LCD display
  • Simple programming and operation
  • Offers pulse output and Modbus communication (Mbus available)
  • Auto and manual page scrolling

Displayed Parameters Include:

  • Voltage: L-L, L-N, and average
  • Current: Phase, total, and Max. demand (optional)
  • Power Factor: Per phase and average
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: Current and Voltage
  • Neutral current (calculated)
  • Frequency
  • Hours Run: Hours & minutes
  • Power: Active, Reactive, and Apparent (per phase and total)
  • Power Min./Max. demand: Active, reactive, and apparent
  • Energy: Active, reactive, and apparent (per phase and total)
  • Import and export energy: Active, Reactive, and Apparent (per phase and total)

Standard Volt Meter Rear Standard Volt Meter Front