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Introducing The EnviroVolt

Introducing the EnviroVolt Electromechanical Stabiliser from Watford Control, a revolutionary range of power correction solutions designed to transform the way you control and stabilise electrical power. With its unparalleled reliability, exceptional performance, and attractive pricing, the EnviroVolt is set to redefine the industry standards.

The new EnviroVolt delivers game-changing reliability, performance, and affordability.

Some system features include,

  • Unparalleled reliability and exceptional performance
  • Customer selectable asymmetric correction range
  • Optional 5-year warranty and comprehensive service & parts kit
  • Connecting enclosures for easy and time-efficient installation
  • Reduces energy consumption and extends lifespan of electrical equipment
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Sized for cost effective shipping


Power Ratings Ranging From 30-300 kVA

Correction RangeVoltage
ModelROP Vac Tap A Tap B Tap C A=Vac B=Vac C=Vac 3P Kva Rating
EnviroVolt10400-15% +5%±10%-5% +15%340-420360-440380-460300
15400-20% +10%±15%-10% +20%320-440340-460360-480190
20400-25% +15%±20%-15% +25%300-460320-480340-500135
25400-30% +20%±25%-20% +30%280-480300-500320-520100
30400-35% +25%±30%-25% +35%260-500280-520300-54080
35400-40% +30%±35%-30% +40%240-520260-540280-56060
40400-45% +35%±40%-35% +45%220-540240-560260-58050
50400-55% +45%±50%-45% +55%180-580200-600220-62030