Solid State Voltage Stabilisers

Our solid-state/static Voltage Stabilisers are available in three technology types, providing an unrivalled range of products from 1kVA to 4mVA Whether your requirement is for ultra-fast correction with very high output accuracy, high power business wide solutions or sag compensation for manufacturing operations - we have a solution to fit your needs.

  • No moving parts giving outstanding reliability through solid state control
  • Low distortion of inductive power control
  • Maintenance-free 'fit-and-forget' solution
  • Surge suppression fitted as standard
  • Optional Power Conditioner versions available

Solid State


Our Infinity stabilisers have an ultra-fast correction time of <3ms with up to 0.3% voltage output accuracy (True RMS), and now with an extended correction range of up to 30%*, they are perfectly suited for all applications including remote installations with more demanding ambient conditions.

Infinity's unique transductor technology has over 50 years of service in the field and leads the industry in terms of reliability. This is "true fit and forget" technology, is completely maintenance free and comes with a standard 10 year warranty - there is nothing to match it.

Available in single and three phase configurations up to 260kVA/160kVA

*Standard output tolerance of ±15% can be tailored to an asymmetrical output of either ±10%/20% or ±20%/10%


Our Infinity+ stabilisers are available across the full power range up to 3200kVA in either single or three phase configurations. Available with standard correction ranges of ±30% and extended ranges of up to 50%, with an output accuracy of between 1% - 3% (subject to specifications), the Infinity+ range offers a reliable, compact and cost effective maintenance free solution.


Modern electronic equipment such as inverters and VSDs or medical imaging equipment and semi-conductors (to name a few) are highly sensitive to minor fluctuations in the supply voltage and even a partial sag of 20% to 30% for <5 milliseconds can cause systems to fail or report a fault.

Unfortunately, these minor fluctuations are a fact of life for modern power networks, and it is invariably up to the customer to solve these problems with "over sensitive" equipment.

When these minor "sub-cycle" faults occur, they can be expensive both in terms of equipment or process failure, or equally, producing unexpected results in medical imaging or high-end manufacturing processes.

Watford Control's Oxygen system utilises "double conversion" technology to solve the increasing problem of "voltage sag" in modern electrical networks and offers sub-cycle correction speeds of <1 cycle and 50% voltage correction for up to 1 minute.


Specialist, precision high-speed Solid State Voltage Stabiliser with extremely high output voltage accuracy

  • Correction Range Up to 30%
  • Output Accuracy <0.3% (True RMS)
  • Correction Speed <3 cycles
  • Standard Warranty 10 Years
  • Power Ratings Up to 260kVA


Oxygen from Watford Control is the intelligent voltage compensator which can correct voltage sags of up to 50% in a market leading <1 cycle

  • Correction Range Up to ±50%
  • Output Accuracy <0.5%
  • Correction Speed <1 cycle (Sag Compensation)
  • Standard Warranty 2 Years
  • Power Ratings Up to 4000kVA

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* On Infinity 30kVA Units and Above