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Specialist Applications

Watford Control prides itself on 70 years of continuous manufacturing in the UK and whilst many of our products and processes have undergone significant change over the years, we are still one of the few truly bespoke manufacturers of this technology.

To this end, we are able to accommodate most customer requests for many specialist applications and products.


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Specialist IP Ratings – IP00 to IP66

All our units can be enclosed across the full range of IP ratings – from IP00 products for our OEM customers to IP66 for external or roof installations, we can provide
any rating as required.

Our specialist applications and flexibility allows for truly bespoke solutions in the most demanding environments. We’ve recently helped one of the leading renewable energy providers in the UK to deliver a sub-sea product, that encloses our EM Stabiliser in an oil filled unit on the sea bed.This revolutionary solution reduced the sub-sea cable size and saved over £1m of costs, giving an almost instant return on investment.


Street Furniture

Our vandal proof enclosures allow Governments and town councils to install stabiliser technology at local street level sites to maintain supplies to lighting and traffic enforcement equipment, whilst reducing energy consumption and protecting systems from surges and power spikes.

Remote access to the units can allow for voltages to be turned down from a control centre, to balance energy supplies and reduce energy consumption as electricity demand changes.


Single Phase Units

Depending on your installation requirements, our voltage stabilisers can be supplied either as one three-phase unit in a single enclosure or as three single (and independent) systems.

This facilitates difficult installations where site space or access is restricted and three single units are easier to install than one larger unit.


Integrated PFC

Space is generally a premium for most electrical plantrooms, where installation and maintenance of multiple equipment installations can be costly. Watford Control is now able to offer a fully integrated solution in one enclosure, providing voltage stabilisation and PFC as part of a single solution.

Many energy suppliers charge additional costs for reactive power and the inclusion of PFC as part of the solution can often deliver a pay-back of less than two years, at a significantly lower cost than purchasing and installing the two systems separately.


Whatever your needs or application, our friendly technical sales staff at Watford Control can help you to get the right product.
Simply fill out our online Fast Track Enquiry Form or call us on +44 (0) 333 210–2–240.


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