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Infinity+ Voltage Stabilisers

High powered product range of Digital Voltage Stabilisers combining solid-state technology, wide correction ranges and maintenance free operation.

Our Infinity+ stabilisers are available across the full power range up to 3200kVA in either single or three phase configurations. Available with standard correction ranges of ±30% and extended ranges of up to 50%, with an output accuracy of between 1% - 3% (subject to specifications), the Infinity+ range offers a reliable, compact and cost effective maintenance free solution.

The Infinity+ range of solid state AC voltage stabilisers utilises industry proven thyristor technology, with correction speeds of up to 500V/second along with the added benefit of asymmetrical correction ranges for a more compact solution.

Complete with an intuitive LCD display, the system operates a self-test mode and automatic bypass in the event of a fault. The system is designed to support remote monitoring and management through either an Ethernet connection or MODBUS RS485.