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Commercial Voltage Stabilisers

High powered product range of Electromechanical Voltage Stabilisers combining Watford Control's unique "Twin Track" Rotavolt technology, with wide correction ranges of up to ±40%, easy to maintain and simple to operate.

Our EMS stabilisers are available across the full power range up to 4000kVA in either single or three phase configurations. Available with standard correction ranges of ±40% and an output accuracy of 0.5%, the EMS range offers a reliable and cost effective solution to your power quality needs.

Our EMS stabilisers are built on 75 years of manufacturing heritage and tens of thousands of installations world-wide. Compact and simple to install, these systems offer reliable performance coupled with simple servicing and fully adjustable independent phase regulation.

The EMS system can be supplied in a variety of configurations and optional extras including standard 1 x 3P systems or for more challenging installations in a 3 x 1P set up.

Fitted as standard with Class II surge suppression and power metering.