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Voltage Stabilisers & Regulators

Our range of Servo Controlled and Solid-State AC voltage stabilisers offer solutions to meet the most exacting requirements, from 1kVA up to 4mVA across single or 3 phase applications.

Our digital voltage stabilisers provide flexible input control along with a host of optional extras to satisfy the most complex applications in the most demanding environments.

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EM Voltage Stabilisers

Our electromechanical (EM) Voltage Stabilisers deliver the most cost effective and efficient way to ensure a stable, undistorted mains supply for most applications.

Here are some of the many benefits:

  • Custom made to suit any application, at any size and with any option required
  • Thousands of models ranging from 1kVA to 4mVA
  • Single or three-phase options available with input ranges from ±8% to ±40%
  • Supplied with a range of digital communications options
  • Optional bypass systems
  • Standard indoor IP20 range and outdoor IP54 range up to 4mVA

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Solid-State Voltage Stabilisers

Our BE solid-state Voltage Stabilisers give ultrafast correction time, coupled with maintenance free operation.

  • No moving parts giving total reliability through solid state control
  • Low distortion of inductive power control
  • Maintenance-free ‘fit-and-forget’ solution
  • Voltage spike and surge suppression fitted as standard

Our BE solid-state voltage stabilisers have an ultra-fast correction time and now with an extended correction range of up to ±30%, they are perfectly suited for all applications including remote installations with more demanding ambient conditions.

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Nuclear Applications – EMS/N (UL Approved) Voltage Stabilisers

Our EMS/N Voltage Stabilisers are designed specifically for nuclear applications to meet the stringent criteria required for the nuclear power generation industry and other safety critical applications, such as telecommunication relay stations and mobile phone transmission sites.

Contaminated Environments – H2s Voltage Stabilisers

Designed for contaminated environments, the H2s range of voltage stabilisers has been developed to work in contaminated environments including hydrogen sulphide gas. The H2s range is available in both single and three phase models.

EM Lite Voltage Stabilisers for Home Use

Our EM-Lite Voltage Stabiliser is the perfect solution for low cost applications, such as houses and small offices.

  • Proven reliability and similar essential features of the EM range for a low cost investment
  • Enclosed unit for indoor use only – IP20
  • Models up to 13A supplied with circuit breaker, 1.5m input cable and 3-pin output socket with plug
  • Voltage suppression as standard with optional surge protection

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Over 10,000+ Products Shipped Worldwide
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