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EnerCloud™ - The Advanced Voltage Optimisation Solution

Watford Control's EnerCloud™ system enables businesses to reduce their electrical energy consumption and associated CO2e emissions by around 7% to 9% annually, without any financial or operational risk.

Developed in conjunction with our unique voltage regulator technology, EnerCloud™ allows customers to continually monitor and review, in real-time, the energy savings achieved solely through the system.

In light of this breakthrough, prospective customers now have the option to monitor and review, with total confidence the energy savings achieved through the system and the resultant ROI, or enter into a flexible Energy Performance Contract (EPC) thereby avoiding any capital contributions or installation costs, with the financial savings being shared on a monthly basis.

Real Time Reporting and Monitoring

At the heart of every EnerCloud™ system is our unique Voltage Control technology, and with over 70 years of manufacturing heritage, we guarantee high quality and reliability. Once installed, you will benefit from balanced phases and stable voltage levels, (thereby optimising your power supplies), whilst the EnerCloud™ system automatically samples the on-site energy consumption with 96 data samples per day, measuring optimised and non-optimised consumption four times per hour.

By comparing the energy consumption either side of these data points, the system calculates and displays the real-time daily average energy savings. Monthly validation can be compared against historic half hourly data or the system can be manually adjusted for measuring longer periods of validation - all without the need to interrupt business or your power supplies.

However you chose to validate the system, we guarantee the savings results.

Will Your Business Benefit?

Although the vast majority of businesses will benefit from EnerCloud™, the types of loads, business operating hours and voltage levels will all have an impact on the energy and cost savings potential.

However, if your company is committed to energy and cost reduction or falls under ESOS, why not contact us now for a free initial survey to understand how EnerCloud™ can help you achieve your energy reduction goals.

Recent Customer Examples

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Local Supermarket

6.71% Monthly Reduction equating to £8,991 per annum

Enercloud Image

Metal Fabrication

8.9% Monthly Reduction equating to £32,040 per annum

Enercloud Image

Parking Garage

11.3% Monthly Reduction relating to £3,060 per annum





  • Over 10,000+ Products Shipped Worldwide
  • Independent 3 Phase Control
  • Unrivalled Voltage Correction Range of ± 40%
  • Large Range of Models From 1kVA to 4mVA Single or Three Phase
  • Solid State or Electro Mechanical Operation
  • Fully Customisable to Unique Customer Requirements

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