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Voltage Optimisation

Did you know that you could reduce the cost of your energy consumption by up to 18% through voltage optimisation, real-time monitoring and power management? At Watford Control, we’re working with some of the best known brands in the UK, helping them to cut CO2, energy cost and consumption.

Voltage optimisation is an established, reliable and cost effective way to reduce energy consumption at any given site, such as factories, cold storage centres, retail sites and offices.

Due to fluctuations in the supply voltages of National Grids, almost all customers are over supplied with higher voltages than necessary, so that everyone further down the line is never under supplied. In doing so, most users have higher voltages than they need, leading to excess energy consumption and costs, increased CO2 emissions, along with higher equipment failure rates due to over-voltage.

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Watford Control are the UK’s leading suppliers of this technology, with an unrivalled customer base and technology platforms. Together we are working with some of the UK’s best known brand names and retailers, government agencies and cold storage industry leaders to name a few.

Typically, customers can expect:

  • Approximate 2-year ROI
  • Reduced reactive power charges
  • Reduced maximum demand
  • Reduced energy cost and consumption
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Reduced maintenance costs

If you would like to know more about voltage optimisation and reducing carbon emissions, please email us on, complete the fast track enquiry form on this page or call us on +44 (0) 333 210–2–240.


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