New £10,000 Grant Available for Voltage Optimisation Customers in the United Kingdom

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Black Country, United Kingdom can now take advantage of a new £10,000 grant to help their businesses thanks to Low Carbon Workspaces.

Low Carbon Workspaces are offering the grants to businesses spending over £20,000 on energy saving initiatives in April, May and June 2019 which will result in a carbon saving of 15 tonnes CO2e (0.75 tonnes per £1,000 project cost). This carbon saving equates to an electricity saving of 52,000 kWh.

The application date for the funding closes on 30th June 2019 with all installations needing to be completed by September 2019. The grant is available on a first-come, first-served basis and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund to accelerate the uptake of energy efficient technology by small and medium-sized businesses to help them reduce their running costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy saving technologies which the grant can be used against include voltage optimisation for which Watford Control are an approved supplier for the Low Carbon Workspaces grants.

For SMEs in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and the Black Country there is an alternative grant of up to £5,000 available for projects over £3,000, This funding is currently only available until September 2019.


Low Carbon Workspaces
£10,000 grant

      Low Carbon Workspaces main      
      grant scheme

Project size

Over £20,000

       Over £3,000

Maximum grant available

£10,000 on a first-come, first-served basis (15 grants of £10,000 available)

       One third of project costs, up to a maximum
       grant of £5,000 (maximum of £2,500 in

Application deadline

30th June 2019

      Summer 2019

Installation deadline

30th September 2019

       Autumn 2019


To find out more about both the £10k grant and the smaller grant please visit To be eligible, the grant must be awarded before the project is installed or paid for (including deposits). All information is correct at the time of publication.